White Chocolate Mocha-Latte Cupcakes

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White Chocolate Mocha-Latte Cupcakes

Maybe this sounds over the top but it is worth it. These cupcakes are as indulgent as the name of them sounds. In my experience, having white chocolate as a vegan has been hard to come by so I was very excited to try these cupcakes out for myself. They are simple to make so no need to plan super far ahead on this one. 

Modern Vegan Baking

As with the last few posts, this is not my recipe. I am having a ton of fun trying out new things that I normally wouldn’t even attempt. I got the Modern Vegan Baking cookbook (affiliate link) for my birthday and it might be my new goal to bake everything in it with the exception of two or three recipes. There are a few PiƱa Colada recipes that I cannot make since I have a severe pineapple allergy. If somebody knows of something I could substitute for pineapple in those recipes I am interested to hear about it. 

White Chocolate cupcakes

Making the Cupcakes 

Get all your ingredients together and you will have these cupcakes ready in an hour or two. The only ingredient that I had trouble finding was vegan white chocolate. The multiple health food stores surrounding me did not seem to carry any (at least while I was looking). I ended up ordering this <white chocolate> on Amazon (affiliate link) and it is a lot more than needed for this recipe so now I can keep on baking more delicious white chocolate goodies. 

You will want an electric mixer to make these cupcakes unless you have really strong arms. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer (affiliate link) that I got as a wedding present and absolutely love. But if you have a hand mixer (affiliate link) that will also do that job.

This recipe really is as simple as mixing everything and pouring the batter into the cupcake pan. There are no fancy tricks to it. It is very straight forward. 

After you have cooked the cupcakes let them cool and then frost them with the delicious mocha-latte butter cream. Here is something special though so listen up. I had probably half of this buttercream leftover when I was done and I really was kind of mad that i was going to have to waste it since I was not making anything else I could use it on. But my husband put the leftover stuff in the freezer and the result was heaven. The texture of the buttercream was like mousse since it did not freeze through and obviously the flavor was already delicious. When you make these cupcakes, do this and you will not regret it. 

White Chocolate cupcakes


This recipe is in the Modern Vegan Baking cookbook (affiliate link). It is on the more affordable side of cookbooks and would make a great gift. 

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