Vegan Cookies in a Jar Mix

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Last year for Christmas I made cookies in a jar for everyone in my family. It is really simple to put together and people seem to enjoy it. This year I have decided to make them vegan chocolate chip cookies. I could not find any recipes for vegan cookies, so I had to come up with my own and I am glad I did. The first jar had to be a test run to see if it would all work out and they tasted really good. So here is how I put these together.

You will want to use some sort of funnel to cut down on the mess and speed up the whole process. I taped a piece of regular computer paper together since the funnel I do have does not have a big enough whole on the end for dry ingredients to come out of.

I started with the flour because there was the most of this and I wanted to alternate colors to make it look good. There are 2 and a 1/4 cups of flour in each jar. On top of the flour, I added in the 1 teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt. You really do not need to bother pressing the flour down to a salt surface. I found the the heavier brown sugar made a nice layer on top of the flour by itself.

Next I added the half cup of brown sugar. After this step I did end up having to flatten the layer because the brown sugar is too thick of a consistency to shake it flat.

Following the brown sugar, I added in another half cup of white sugar. This one you can just shake the jar a bit and the sugar will flatten out.

And lastly you will add in half a cup of chocolate chips. For the vegan recipe you will need to get dairy free chips.

The only thing in the jar itself that needs to adjusted to be vegan is the chocolate chips. This little tag I made to attach to the jars so people know how to make

I used a burlap looking string to try the note around the top of the jar and there you have it, Vegan Cookies in a Jar Mix.


  1. There are a few people in my family who have gluten sensitivity so I did swap out the regular flour for gluten free baking flour in two of my jars. I did not however test this version so I currently do not know how they turn out when that substitution is made.
  2. You can make these for fairly cheap. I got the 12 pack of mason jars at Target for like 7 or 8 dollars. Depending on how much you care about organic ingredients and which brand of chips you buy (which I did spring for this time around) you may end up spending around $35-$40 to make the 12 jars.

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