The Most Simple Homemade Peanut Butter

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Homemade Peanut Butter

Commit to making your own homemade peanut butter and you will suddenly have your mind blown. Why does store bought peanut butter have so much other stuff in it, when all you need it peanuts? Homemade peanut butter tastes so much better! Receive the gratification of not wasting or eating from a plastic container. This is what I like to call a win-win-win situation. 

What do you need


You only need two things. Number one being peanuts. Number two being a food processor or good blender. I used this food processor for everything and the only problem I have ever had is it not being big enough. Otherwise, it has done everything I have ever asked of it besides spontaneously becoming bigger.

I recommend finding a place to buy peanuts from a bulk bin. They will be cheaper this way AND if you bring your own baggie then there is no packaging waste involved. You can buy raw peanuts and soak them for a few hours or roast them yourself. Or you can buy already roasted peanuts but beware of super salty nuts. This is really whatever you want. Pre-roasted nuts will be quicker. Raw nuts can be roasted and salted to your preference. Choose what suits your needs here. 

How to make 

If you were excited about the fact that you do not need much to make delicious homemade peanut butter, then you will be even more excited to know how easy it is.

Firstly, choose how much peanut butter you want. The amount of peanuts used will blend down to yield about half as much. Throw your peanuts into the food processor

You can pulse a few times first to make the peanuts a little smaller chunks. After that turn it on to the lower setting first. As it starts to blend, turn the speed up to high.

Once the consistency looks creamy turn off the food processor. If you prefer a sweeter flavor OR if the peanuts are not blending well, add in some agave or preferred oil to help smooth it out. That is all, the peanut butter is done.

Store the peanut butter in an air tight container. I used a mason jar for mine. 

Enjoy your peanut butter however you please! The consistency of homemade peanut butter is always going to be more nutty or gritty than store bought, but the flavor is so much tastier. Use for toast, sandwiches, nice cream, gifts, or whatever your heart desires.

As another perk of spending 2 minutes making your own peanut butter, you are also helping to reduce plastic waste! Using a glass jar means one less plastic item that is going to end up in your recycling bin and for every time you make a new batch you get to feel good all over again. This is cause for celebration!

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