Spicy Taco Bowl

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vegan taco bowl

Many people will disagree with me but i like to cook complicated recipes. Night after night that can get to be too much and simple fast and easy recipes are a must. This taco bowl is something I threw together last second the other night and it turned out so good.

What you will need for a Spicy Taco Bowl

You will need rice, frozen corn, black beans, pinto beans, salsa, an avocado (optional), chili garlic sauce (optional), and some spices.

As you can see nothing here is fancy and for a lot of people most of this is stuff you already have sitting in your pantry or freezer.

You will only need twenty minutes maybe thirty and dinner is served.

How to make the Spicy Taco Bowl

Start by getting your rice cooking as this will take the longest. Typically most rice is a 1:2 ratio, meaning one cup of rice to two cups of water. Get that going and simmer for usually fifteen minutes.

In a small-medium sized sauté pan add a cup of frozen corn and some pepper. Cook this on medium heat while the rice is cooking. It is done when it starts to look grilled with small black marks but do not burn it to a crisp. Stir occasionally.

While the corn and rice are cooking, grab a small pot and add the black and pinto beans and two tablespoons of chili garlic sauce. Heat these on low-medium until hot stirring occasionally to evenly heat.

vegan taco bowl

Dice an avocado to prepare for topping.

To assemble the Spicy Taco Bowl

vegan taco bowl

First add a quarter of the rice to a bowl. Top the rice with desired amount of salsa. Then add a quarter of the corn and beans. Top everything will the avocado. Optionally crumble tortilla chips over the top or any other desired/available toppings. As a garnish you can sprinkle chili power over the bowl to make it look fancy.

As simple as that, twenty minutes and dinner is done.

For my bowls I used leftover chili flavored cracker bread to add some crunch to the bowl.

vegan taco bowl

Note: The Crackers pictured in the bowl are based on a recipe in the Modern Vegan Baking cookbook (affiliate link). 

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