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shampoo bar

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

At this point it is not any secret that plastic is polluting the environment. This is not even disputed anymore. It is very real. So I have been looking into ways to minimize plastic in our house. The hardest room in the house has been the bathroom. I did demote my plastic toothbrush from cleaning my teeth to cleaning small hard to reach places in the house already. You can read my post about the bamboo toothbrush I switched to. Beyond the toothbrush I have been looking at other plastic items to kick to the curb and I came up with the shampoo bottles. I have long poofy hair that I often refer to as the hair monster in the mornings. So I was not really sure what I was looking for in terms of types of shampoo bars.

I Went to Lush to Buy the Shampoo Bar

Normally I avoid places like Lush as if they are the plague. It is always crowded and super mainstream these days. I braved going to the mall on a weekend and into Lush for the sake of advice. The Lush employee that helped me was knowledgable and gave me good advice. 

Another great reason to consider Lush is that they are against animal testing and for ethical buying which makes me feel better about spending money there. Even better, most of their products are vegan and I believe all are vegetarian friendly. 

Actually Using the Shampoo Bar

Before using the shampoo and conditioner bars I was quite nervous that my hair was going to be super greasy. I have tried the no-poo thing in the past and that was such a long adjustment phase that I am not even sure it was worth it in the end. 

I did not have an adjustment phase switching to a shampoo bar!! I am so thankful because I hate when my hair feels super dirty. 

The very best part of using the bar though is that is smells SOOOO good. The whole bathroom smelt good and I was not the only one who noticed it. 

You do need to let the bar dry off after using it. I would not call this hard or a nuisance but I do suppose it is one step more you have to take which some people might be to lazy to do. It is really quite simple though. I have tins to keep the bars in after they are dry. After using the bars I set them on a cloth to dry and then moved them back to the tins later. Its an simple and easy extra step.

My next rave point was that my particular bar helped contain the excessive volume I have. My hair dried a little less poofy while still keeping the waves and curls I have naturally. 


So I think it is needless to say that I am super pumped about these shampoo and conditioner bars and I think you should try them too! I did get mine at Lush, but if you want to shop through a large variety check out the selection on Amazon!

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