Reusable Sandwich Bags

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Reusable Lunch Bags

If you hate the waste from single-use plastics consider getting yourself some reusable sandwich bags! These little bags are the perfect size for sandwiches and smaller snacks! They have also become more widely available recently so you can purchase them conveniently. 

If you have a sewing machine and are crafty then you can make these on your own. If however you are like me and do not own a sewing machine, you can buy these reusable sandwich bags once and never worry about them again.

Buying the bags

I currently have two bags of the Cheeky brand sandwich and snack bags. They have a Velcro closure which does mean that they can’t hold something that is prone to leaks. But there is still good news! There are plenty zip-seal type of bags available (see Amazon for a ton of styles and patterns). If you are packing a sandwich then the velcro closure should really be plenty. 
reusable sandwich bags


These bags are easy to clean out and can simply be air dried or wiped dry. In the process of choosing to throw away a single use plastic bag or a quick rinse and wipe dry it really is not much of a commitment in time or energy at all. 
reusable sandwich bags


These bags are very reasonably priced. In the long run you will save yourself a ton of money by not endlessly buying more and more throw away bags. The bags will pay for themselves after maybe only one or two boxes of single use bags. If money is your motivating factor, then you should absolutely be sold on using these reusable bags. 


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