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produce bags

Produce Bags

For a long time it never really occurred to me that reusable bags for produce exist. I really cannot stand that people just use the plastic bags off the roll for every single produce item at the store. Most of it does not need to go in a bag anyway. It does not necessarily do you any good to put three apples together in a plastic bag. They are not a liquid. I just find it to be crazy.

The thing that I do maybe kind of understand is needing to keep say a few handfuls of Brussel sprouts together to be weighed. Here is the easiest solution to this problem! Mesh reusable produce bags. Waste not want not. 


As usual, I assume the first thing people want to know is if this is just another expensive product they have to purchase. The answer is no! I ordered some of these bags for cheap and I got a ton. I can put everything I buy into a bag now if I want. There are large bags and super small ones. The right size for anything I am buying. These bags are the ones I bought.


The reusable bags are not only good for transporting your produce, but often provide optimal storage environment for inside your refrigerator. I have noticed that some of my veggies have been lasting longer than they normally would when leave them in the bags. 

These bags are mesh so they keep some moisture inside the bag but not all of it. I have read that the cotton reusable bags can make your food go bad faster as they trap the moisture and remain damp. Obviously each type of fruit or vegetable have different storage needs, some of which are really amazing, so any type of reusable bag may have issues with certain foods. 


The bags I ordered came with nine varying sizes! This is actually way better than I realized when I got them. Things like lettuce that are generally larger need a bigger bag of course. But when you are putting a small bunch of carrots into a bag you do not need one that could fit your entire grocery cart. 

produce bags

Tare Weight

If you have ever used a kitchen scale then you probably understand what a tare weight is. Put simply when you go to put your bag of veggies on the scale at the grocery store, the cashier can subtract the weight of your bag so they are only charging you for the weight of your food. Of course they would need to know the weight of the bag ahead of time in order for this system to flow well. Each of my reusable bags have a little tag on the side with their tare weight.

Side note: Having the tare weight on the side does not mean that everybody knows what this is or how to use it. I have asked a Sprouts cashier before about filling glass jars from their bulk section in order to not use the plastic bags they have. I got a blank stare. So in reality, knowing your tare weight may not be super useful to you unless you get a person who knows what they are doing. Do not despair though! The mesh reusable bags I use are super light weight so if you end up paying for the weight of your bag it really doesn’t account to much. This becomes more of a problem if you are using a heavier material or something with a heavy closure. 


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