My First Vegan Thanksgiving

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This year was my very first thanksgiving as a vegan! I was really excited about it because this holiday has always been an issue for me. I have quite a lot of vegetarian thanksgiving dinners under my belt, usually accompanied by fights and arguments about it. It does truly blow my mind how people feel so threatened by vegan/vegetarian diets. It really is nothing special people. I never force people to eat my vegan food and I do not outright lie about it either. Imagine that!

In my family we have a tradition that has been around since before I was born. We go camping in the desert with dirt bikes and RVs and the whole nine yards. Despite my not enjoying Thanksgiving food, it really is a cool special thing that we have going. This year was my fiancee’s first experience of how my family does it.

I decided to make a vegan Mac and cheese recipe that I make quite often. It is not my recipe but you can find it <-here->. I love this recipe and it is super easy to make too. The only thing that could be a draw back is that you need a good blender or food processor for it to be perfect. (I used a regular food processor before I got a Ninja blender.)

I also made a vegan pumpkin pie (This one is also not my recipe). I have never truly cooked in an RV oven before so I had to put in more effort than just throwing it in the oven. The particular oven I used was a convection oven that cooks super hot on the bottom and really unevenly. So I had to cook this at 300 instead of 350 and I turn the pie every twenty minutes to cook it more even.

I had to roll my crust on the table in the RV and it worked out so much better than I expected it too. I am also planning to make this pie again tomorrow with gluten free flour this time as requested by someone in my family.

For my main course of dinner I had my vegan Mac and cheese, roasted peppers, almond Brussel sprouts, roasted zucchini and squash, and some cabernet. This has by far been the best Thanksgiving I have had.

Here is a picture I snapped of my family eating dinner.

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