Menstrual Cups: Better for the World

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Lessening my Impact on the World

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Last weekend the doggo and I drove down to my sister’s house. With the free time in the car I was listening to a few podcasts. I listened to one called Food for Thought with Collen Patrick Goodreau. She said something about how once you become vegan you want to do more. More for me means working harder to lessen my impact on the world. 

For a couple of months I have been mentally keeping a list of ways I can do this. Slowly, I am trying to implement some of these ideas into my life. 

One of these things I wanted to try out was a menstrual cup. It is reusable so you only need the one. You can put it in and leave it there for up to twelve hours. So twice a day for the duration of your cycle take it out and clean it and put it back. It is bafflingly simple. Less hassle and mess. Less waste without tossing out the wrapper and applicator from multiple tampons. Less plastic waste since most applicators are plastic these days. 

Off to the Store

So I decided to buy one. But the two times I remembered to go to the right aisle and actually buy one the store was sold out. It seems like that is a good sign as that means the cups are being bought/used. I kept forgetting about it because I had a good supply of tampons to use up still. 

Finally I bought one! Well now that I had one I needed to wait until I actually needed it.

When it came down to it

Somehow my un-used cup ended up in with my laundry and went through the washing machine. It was fine. So not that you need to but I suppose if you wanted to you could wash it with your laundry. 

After months of wanting to buy the cup and finally having it but misplacing it in the wash, I realized I was kind of unsure how to use it. It is intimidating. Before you use one it seems so solid and thick. I was afraid I would not be able to get it to where it needed to be. 

Man-Up (Woman-up?)

I am willing to admit that in order to finally man up and use the cup I had to completely run out of other menstrual products. Stranded at home without anything but the cup while it was late enough that I did not want to run to the store. 

After over-thinking the whole thing for about fifteen minutes I finally got a grip and tried. It was so easy to use that I felt like an idiot for being so concerned about it for so long. 

In or out

One might think that logically what goes up must come down. Putting it in is easy. Taking it out was slightly more difficult in my opinion. Perhaps it is the suction-like grip of the cup. It took a minute or two to learn how to maneuver it out easily. 

In the past I have had tampons hurt when pulled out. The plus side of silicone is that is slides instead of scraping. 

Is it gross?

You do have to clean it off. If you change it closer to twelve hours then you can plan the day to do this in the comfort of your own home. It is not any more gross than using any other menstrual product.  


As a plus, you only have to buy this cup once. It may not be as cheap as a single box of tampons. It is a one time cost though. Tampons are about $7-10 a box and you have probably at least 12 cycles a year. So that is $80-120 a year on tampons if you only need one box per cycle. 


The risk of TSS is significantly lower with a menstrual cup. There are no dyes/chemicals/perfumes to worry about. So yes it is safer. 

The Diva Cup

There are a few different menstrual cups out there now. I have a Diva Cup. I have no complaints about it. They also have a very informational website if you accidentally wash your paper instructions in the washing machine like I did. 



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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post! I am vegan also and I have been thinking about the cup for a while now, but never had the gusto to “woman up.” I wonder if I will feel the same way you did after finally doing it. 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yes! Menstrual cups have been a game changer for me! I agree than changing them in public restrooms outside of home can be a bit trickier (I once had to change in an airplane bathroom-quite an ordeal!) but I usually get by doing it in the shower in the morning and them before bed. Between menstrual cups and period underwear, women really don’t need wasteful, expensive, environmentally damaging products anymore! Great post!!

  3. This post is great and informative. I used to use the diva cup, but since having my son I have stopped for a while. Thank you for sharing I feel like topics like this are important to talk about but no one wants to.

  4. My friends and I just had a conversation about these and realized that most of use had either tried one or had switched over. Its better for the earth and saves money. Win, win!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I had heard about the cup but didn’t venture into learning about it because I assumed I wouldn’t work for me. Now, I’m a little more enlightened and will consider trying it.

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