How to Make Vegetable Broth

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Since I started eating vegan I have been buying a lot of cans and containers which is super wasteful. So in an interest is creating less waste I have been researching ways to do just that. One thing that I have come up with is making my own veggie broth. I use it a lot when cooking and I can freeze what I do not use, so it is a win win situation. I have been collecting scraps and storing them in a Tupperware in the freezer.

There are probably things you should not put into making a broth but I did not bother to look up what those things might be and I collected the scraps from everything I have cooked in the last few weeks. I used seeds, stems, and whatever. I did NOT use rotted pieces of anything.

I crushed two cloves of garlic and added in two bay leaves. As an afterthought I also added in some Italian seasoning that I had a little bit left of. This was super easy to do and I think I will be going this route from here on out.

Start by getting a large pot and tossing in all your veggie scraps with the bay leaves (if you have them) and crushed garlic. You can add seasoning now too if you want to use it.

Fill the pot with water until the veggies are covered. Turn the burner on high and wait for it to boil. This took a while for me since my veggies were all frozen.

Once the pot is boiling, cover it with a lid and turn the heat to a simmer. Leave it alone to simmer for 30 minutes.

Once it has simmered for thirty minutes use a strainer to separate the veggies from the liquid.

At this point I was concerned I did this wrong because the liquid was so clear with my first few scoops of water, but the more liquid I added to the bowl the more it looks like that traditional murky color of veggie broth.

I made some 5 Bean Soup with the broth and it was quite tasty. Here is a picture.

Making this broth was really so simple and easy, I hope this post brings some people to realizing they can do this too and create less waste.

Someday soon I hope to have the ability to start composting the degradable waste we accumulate in the kitchen.



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