Homemade Almond Milk

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This was my first time making homemade almond milk and I was surprised at how easy it ended up being. You will want a cheesecloth or a milk bag. This is the one thing I did not use that I wish I had.

First off, I soaked the almonds overnight. I read that you should soak them anywhere from eight hours to twelve, but I actually ended up soaking them for around sixteen hours because I started a little early.

In the morning, rinse the nuts off and put them in a good blender (I have a Ninja)  with 4 cups of water. Blend it together until it is well combined.

This is where I would recommend not following what I did. I used a fresh press to separate the pulp. It did not work amazingly well so I had to add a second step after this.

I used coffee filters to get the rest of the milk out of the pulp. I let it drip out and then squeezed the filter in my hand. This is where it can get messy because if you are rough with it, then then filter will rip and your pulp will come out.

Here is what the milk looks like afterward.

You can sweeten your milk at this point if you are going to. People use all kinds of things to do this such as honey or even dates (these would go in earlier).  I did not sweeten mine.

And there you go. Homemade almond milk.

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