Gingerbread Men White Chocolate Crunch Bars

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When I stand in the center of my kitchen I can touch three of the walls without moving my feet, so it is pretty much a cluttered disaster when I cook but it always turns out tasting good. Please do not mind the chaotic mess in the pictures for this post. Everything moved a little fast and I did not have time to slow down and stage better pictures.

This recipe was one of my messiest yet because I shrunk it all down to these little ginger bread molds that are only about an inch long. I used a recipe that is not my own that you can find <<here>>, and then I added some of my own touches to it.

I wanted to do something festive and also something I have never made before. I adapted this chocolate crunch bar recipe by adding in some white chocolate and then decorating with peppermint extract mixed with cocoa powder.


When I got my crock pot a while back it had this little fondue mini crock pot in the box with it and I have never used it before, so melting the chocolate gave me a good reason to make use of it. I added in about a teaspoon or two of coconut oil to soften it a bit and a teaspoon of sugar because the chocolate is unsweetened baking chocolate. After stirring it up really well, I spooned the chocolate into my gingerbread man molds that I found at Target. (Originally I wanted Christmas tree molds but couldn’t find them anywhere.) I put the mold into the freezer while I worked on the crunch bar recipe.

You mix the cocoa powder with coconut oil on the stove as pictured, and then add in the other ingredients.

Then you mix in the rice puffs to the cocoa mixture and easy as pie it is done.

I spooned the mixture into my molds and used some other molds I had for the extra.

The molds go into the freezer for at least fifteen minutes to set and then you can decorate the chocolate side.

I used a small shot glass and a kebob stick to mix together a very small amount of peppermint extract, cocoa powder and a dash of water to thin it. **Important note** Do not use more peppermint extract instead of water to thin the mixture. The extract can be very potent if you use too much.

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