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Happy February!  

This week I caught the sickness that has been going around for a few months. I was happy to have been able to fight it off for this long but alas, it finally caught me. I have been alternating between sleeping and drinking theraflu on the couch for days now. 

Last night I felt up to attempting a cake recipe for this weeks blog post, but flu/cold medicine does not do good things for the clarity of my mental state. The cake turned out truly awful in my opinion but perhaps I was just clouded by the mucus. My fiancee claims that the sponge is good but the frosting was a bit much. Either way, I hated the cake so much that I could not write a post or recipe for it. 

Next week I will be back to my regular post standards. 

Thank you for still coming to the website. I appreciate all of my readers. 

Happy weekend to you all! 

Here is a useful piece of information for you: there is a hashtag this month (like #Veganuary) called #Februdairy. I read that this was started by the dairy industry to promote dairy since they are losing profits, but I do not remember where I read this or if it was credible.  The vegan community is also going to be using this hashtag though…. so that should be fun.

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