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Veganized Donuts

This week I set out to make vegan donuts as my original recipe. When I sat down to actually make a plan and get it cooking though I remembered I have never made donuts in my life and I do not know how. 

So I looked up various recipes to try out. Among the vegan donuts recipes there are sooo many with ingredients I have never heard of nor do I know where to buy. So I ended up picking one with ingredients I am familiar with. I decided to share my experience for other people like me.


The Recipe

As I said above, this is not my recipe. You can find the recipe I used here.

Note that these are baked donuts and not fried so they have a little bit of a different texture. I used these donut molds to bake in. I have pictures of the donuts that baked in the molds and the other ones I tried to make by hand for comparison. As you can see the molds made pretty donuts and I cannot say much about my handmade ones. There are also donut cutters that would make this easier but I do not have one. 

Making the Donuts

Now that you have everything you need get to making the donuts. Make sure you have some time on your hands because the dough will need various resting times to grow as this is a yeast dough.

As with many doughs, for this recipe you will mix the dry ingredients and the wet separately. Then you mix the wet into the dry to form a dough ball. The dough rests for an hour before you roll it out


Once the dough has rested and doubled in size you can form your donuts. I did mine in the donut molds as well as by hand. Once shaped the donuts need to rest again for about thirty minutes. Then you can bake! When they are ready leave them to cool completely before glazing.

Making a Glaze

Hey I actually did do something of my own here! I had to make my own glaze for the donuts and here is how I did that. I got a bowl and put maybe 3-4 tablespoons worth of almond milk in it. Then I added powdered sugar in tablespoon full increments whisking well before adding another. I did this until I reached a good glaze consistency. I was not keeping track but I would guess I used around 1-2 cups of powdered sugar. Yes I whisked by hand. I do not own a mixer.

I opted for the dunk method rather than pouring the glaze over. I personally feel like I waste less of the glaze this way. 


It’s Brunch Month

These donuts are perfect for any brunch assortment but be sure to check out some of my other vegan brunch recipes:

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