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Less Waste

Right now, set yourself a goal to do something small today. My something small is to do something with a big impact. I have set a goal to reduce my wastefulness. Instead of trying to go a hundred percent all at once (because that is overwhelming), I am taking a small baby step. 

Less Kitchen Waste

The kitchen is where I have focused most of my attention for reducing waste. My first big project in the kitchen was collecting compostable material and creating my outdoor compost bin. Beyond that, there is plenty more I can do. I have been on the lookout for ideas to improve.

Recently I bought a bunch of cheap wash cloths, they were on clearance so they were a steal. I folded them into a pile and put them on the ledge I have above my sink. Already I have noticed how much less paper towels we use. I prefer using the towels over the paper anyway. It has been an adjustment to get use to using them for bigger spills. 

I had wanted to get towels for the kitchen for a while but kept forgetting to get some. I would recommend just putting in an order for some towels and being done with it. You can set them out by the sink and have a dirty basket next to it. If it is clear that you want people to use them and what to do with them when they are done, your guests will be more likely to use them too. 

When I am simply drying water off my hands I hang the towel over the paper towel holder to re-use it again later. For completely dirty towels, I cleared out the drawer next to the sink and toss them in there until I  am ready to do the laundry. 

Eventually I hope to get rid of the paper towels all together. For now I am happy with the fact that this small step is progress toward creating less waste. 

Wanna go a step further?

These re-usuable style towels are something I hope to make for our kitchen sometime soon. There are a ton of tutorials for these, feel free to search those too. 



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