Happy February!   This week I caught the sickness that has been going around for a few months. I was happy to have been able to fight it off for this long but alas, it finally caught me. I have been alternating between sleeping and drinking theraflu on the couch for days now.  Last night I … [Read more…]

5 Tips to Going Vegan

I have been a vegetarian for most of my life because I believed, like many vegetarians, that the animals weren’t being killed or hurt so it was fine to eat the cheese and eggs. I wanted to go vegan when I really started to learn how wrong I was about cruelty. I had all the … [Read more…]

Get Your Greens Smoothie

Get your smoothie on this week since you are probably still trying to stick to your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier. Even if you are not still trying, then maybe get back on the wagon and notice how much better you feel eating real food.  You will need a good blender for this recipe. … [Read more…]

HAM’s Overnight Oats

Here is another recipe I have been making since long before I went vegan. I have made many versions of this but I will share the basic recipe I usually do. There is plenty of room for adjustment if you do not have have ingredient. Start off with half a cup of non-dairy milk. I … [Read more…]

Power Balls

Happy New Year! This week I am doing a healthy snack for everybody who is trying to keep their New Years resolution of getting healthier. The best way to do that is by going vegan of course, but even a non-vegan will enjoy these power balls. Why I chose my ingredients for these power balls: … [Read more…]