Why Go Bamboo?

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Bamboo Toothbrush

The fight against plastic is really starting to gain some ground. If you have seen the pictures from ocean or beach cleanups, then you have probably seen the crazy amount of old toothbrushes that get picked up looking still completely in tact. 

Nobody wants you to stop brushing your teeth in order to stop using plastic! If you could make a switch to a tooth brush made out of less harmful material, why wouldn’t you? We all want to be less harmful. Nobody goes out buying a plastic toothbrush because they want it to harm marine life. Most people do not even know that their toothbrush can end up doing just that. 

Hopefully with wider availability of alternatives to plastic, we can all start to adopt them. I was able to find a bamboo brush at my local grocery store! This has to be a sign of a step in the right direction. There was only one option at my store, but one is always better than none.

So what are the benefits of a bamboo toothbrush?

– Bamboo is biodegradable.

Yes the bamboo handle will wear out over time. Yes that is a good thing! This means it will degrade naturally as organic matter instead of polluting the oceans and landfills. 

– Got Kids?

You can also get kid sized bamboo brushes in various bright colors to know which brush belongs to who. 

Even better, got pets?

Grab another brush and take care of your furry friends longevity and vitality by brushing their teeth too. 

Does bamboo feel weird on your mouth?

No it does not feel weird. I would describe the feeling as ever so slightly more rough than the feel of a plastic toothbrush. I use the Woobamboo toothbrush and have no complaints.

Give it a try.

It is very affordable. For every person that switches to bamboo, that is a step toward less plastic waste ruining the environment.

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