Lunch: Bagel Veggie Sandwich

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Lunch: Bagel Veggie Sandwich

This veggie sandwich is perfect for a packed lunch or any lunch really. No need to worry about re-heating your leftovers or needing access to a freezer. Simple and super easy to put together. 

Mix and match your favorite veggies to make your bagel veggie sandwich your own perfect blend. 

What You Need: Bagel Veggie Sandwich

The purpose of this sandwich is to make prepping lunch easy! If you cannot find something where you regularly shop make a swap for something you can find.

    • Cucumber
    • Bell Pepper (preferred color)
    • Sprouts (any type will work)
    • Vegan sliced cheese 
    • Bagels
    • Hummus (preferred flavor)


How to Make: Bagel Veggie Sandwich

First off, if you do not own a mandoline you should! (affiliate link) It will make all your meal prepping and cooking easier. Start preparing your veggies by slicing them as thin as you can. 


After you have sliced your vegetables it is very simple and quick to assemble the sandwich after that. 

Start by slicing your bagel in half if it is not already. You can spread hummus on one or both sides depending on your preference. If you put the cheese slice on the bottom it will cover the hole and give you space for more veggies. Otherwise you can make a ring of veggies on the bagel.


Continue to stack your veggies and sprouts and then top off with the other side of the bagel. 

Finally, you can cut it in half to make it easier to eat. Use tooth picks to hold the sandwich together. 


Do you love bagels?

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